Cisco CVP Call Studio Scripting, VoiceXML, and Speech Recognition Training

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Training Schedule 2018

CVPDS-1:  Jan 8-12, Feb 5-9, Mar 5-9, Apr 9-13, Apr 30-May 4

CVPDS-2:  Jan 29-Feb 2, Feb 12-16, Mar 19-23, Apr 16-20, May 14-18

CVPD-Java:  Jan 22-26, Mar 26-30, May 21-25     

All classes are Guaranteed to Run using Webex with Hands-on via VMWare  Classroom training available as noted below

Class times:  10am-6pm Eastern

$4250 or 43 Cisco Learning Credits.  

You may be eligible for a discount.

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About Us

World Renowned Instructor

  • Janine Graves is known world wide for the Cisco CVPD Call Studio Scripting courses which she's developed and taught
  • Cisco recognized VIP
  • Cisco Certified Software Instructor
  • Cisco Excellence in Training Award
  • VoiceXML Certified

World Class Training

  • Immerse yourself with 100% hands-on programming 100% of the time 
  • Comprehensive Cisco CVP Call Studio and ICM scripting
  • Remain engaged
  • Learn a college semester of material in one week
  • Have fun while doing it

World Wide Training

  • Attend from home, work, or a nearby training center via Webex 
  • Program with VMWare Horizon Client
  • Student pods are constantly monitored so no one falls behind
  • Available around the globe or in your time zone based on demand

Awards and Certifications


CVPD Training 2017

Janine is the best teacher I have had for all of the Cisco training courses I have taken. 

I can't say enough about the hands on "do it with me" method, all classes should be delivered this way.  

You can tell the instructor really cares. She is hands down the best.

This training was thorough, well designed, easy to understand and learn. Exercises and practice elements were perfect to reinforce the topics.

I had no knowledge of Call Studio applications before class started. I  have learned a lot. My goal was to be able to make changes to existing IVR apps in Call Studio. I feel confident I can do that now.

Instructor was very GOOOD!!! I've taken a lot of courses in my years and this has to be the best instructor I've had.

Janine is awesome the knowledge and passion she brings to the class is unmatchable

Great with hands on all week, practical tips and in depth knowledge. Excellent student guide and well-written labs.

Remote Training Comments

Very effective. The way the remote pods are constantly monitored felt like i was in class! 

This was my first online class and I got more out of it than some classes I've taken in the classroom.

Online was just as effective as being in a classroom as the instructor Janine was always keeping an eye on our pods and assisting us w/troubleshooting.

Super effective online, better than commuting and being tired in an office!

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