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2017 Training Feedback

Software Course Feedback

The CVPD-Java course was great, I thought I knew quite a bit already but I learned so much that I would definitely recommend the course to people that have some knowledge on Java development for CVP already
The CVPD course was very hands on, experienced instructor with a very good knowledge on the subject, friendly and making sure everybody is following. this is definitely one of the best courses i have attended so far. I will be looking forward for to the cvpd-java developer course.
Enjoyed the course, Janine is a great teacher and it was nice to be able to meet the person that has answered so many of my questions directly and indirectly on the CVP forums.
My instructor was Janine and she is fantastic. She knows the product and understands why we are attending her class
When it comes to CVP development, Janine is tops in the industry. She will be sorely missed when the day comes that she decides to stop doing this.
Janine is one of the best instructors I have had, not just for Cisco training topics but throughout my career.
Janine is great! She really knows the material, and was great about having us interact and making sure we were really grasping the material.
The best instructor. very hands on and lot of experience with the CVP tool.
Janine is very knowledgeable on the material and product and it was a joy to be in the class and very informative.
The instructor knows the subject matter very well and was otherwise well prepared. The lab exercises are interesting and well designed.The lab equipment worked flawlessly. I would definitely recommend this course and the instructor to anyone interested in learning this system.
Excellent Class. The idea of doing along with the students is really very helpful
The class material was great the way it was presented, and was good for someone that had never used it before.
Janine was well versed in every aspect of the course material. She was knowledgeable and presented content in a manner that a non-programmer (such as myself) could understand it.
Janine is a wonderful instructor. Very knowledgeable, willing to work with students and answer all their questions.
This has been the best course that I have attended. Janine is very talented and highly technical. Her teaching methods are interactive and she has made every effort to teach us complex topics in a user-friendly way.
Absolutely fantastic course and instructor.
Janine was an excellent teacher. Really like the class and teacher very much.
Excellent training.
Janine Rocks!
Awesome instructor with great teaching skills.
This was the best instructor I've ever had. Janine displayed the utmost knowledge of the CVP product and was 100% effective in training students in all aspects.
It cannot get any better than this. This programming class is simply the best training I have attended in six years in India, Republic of South Africa and the United States.
Great course. Very impressed with instructor's knowledge and her ability to get answers to questions that she didn't know. I would definitely take another of her courses.
The class was very information and the instructor was knowledgeable and able to teach the class effectively.
Excellent paced course. Excellent content.I am extremely pleased with instructor's flexibility and willingness to explore topics requested by students without losing focus of the overall class objectives.
Instructor was great!
Great class, I enjoyed and learned a lot. I really liked the hands-on, that I could speed my learning by practicing with the software.
I really enjoyed and learned a lot in this class. I like how the instructor introduced not just the software but the hardware and infrastructure as well. I hope my next training class will be this intuitive.
Great instructor! Janine made the class interesting. If the opportunity arises, I would take other classes from her.
Thanks for answering questions that we couldn't even clearly articulate.
Excellent job, definitely demystified VoiceXML!
Excellent knowledge of PeriPro, High Energy and great presentation skills.
I was so impressed with how the material was presented. I found the training to be better than any Nortel VPS or MPS training I'd taken before, even from Nortel. Although I've worked with the VPS/is for years, I did learn a lot about the VPS/is, MPS and especially about the OSCARs. By the way, Excellent student guides.
I am very, very pleased with the remote training session. Janine did an EXCELLENT job in controlling the classroom and remote students. As a System Administrator, this class gave me a better understanding of all the available tools and the comparison between the VPS and MPS platforms. Thanks to Janine for all her hard work!