Course Descriptions

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Course Number Topic/ Course Name Duration(days)Price
1001 VoiceXML 2.x Programming 4$3999
1002 Speech Grammar Development (GSL or XML) 3$2999
Speech Recognition Grammar Development
1003Speech Grammar Development (GSL or XML)3 $2999
Cisco® and Audium
6000 Cisco® CVPD Studio 5 $4250
6002 Cisco CVPD Java Development 5 $4250
6003 Administering UCCE/CVP (AUCCE-CVP) 5 $4595
6004 Implementing UCCE/CVP (CVPI) 5 $3695
6005 Deploying UCCE/CVP (DUCCE-CVP) 5 $4595
7000 VoiceGenie Administration and Installation3 NA
Nortel MPS and PeriProducer Developer
(At Customer Site Only)
3000MPS System Administration 3Onsite Rates Apply
3001 MPS Speech Server (OSCAR) System Administration 3
3002 MPS Developer (PeriProducer 3.x) Programming 4
3003 Writing Speech Applications with MPS Developer (PeriProducer 3.x) 3
3004 PeriVxml on the MPS*add on to the VoiceXML Programming Class 1
3005PeriReporter Application Statistics 1
3006PeriReporter Reports for the Administrator 1
3007PeriIPML and CTI Programming 3
Nortel VPS/is and PeriProducer 2.3
(At Customer Site Only)
4000VPS/is System Administration3Onsite Rates Apply
4002VPS/is PeriProducer 2.3 Programming4
4003Writing Speech Applications with PeriProducer 2.3 on the VPS/is3
4005PeriReporter Statistics1
4006PeriReporter Reports for the Administrator1
4007PeriIPML and CTI Programming3
Nortel BCM and PeriProducer 2.3
(At Customer Site Only)
5000BCM PeriProducer 2.3 Programming and BCM Overview4Onsite Rates Apply

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