VoiceGenie Platform Operations Course

The VoiceGenie Administration and Installation course teaches the student to install, configure, monitor and troubleshoot the VoiceGenie VoiceXML Gateway.

Students perform hands-on installation of the VGLinux 7.0 operating system, the all-in-one configuration of the VoiceGenie Gateway, ASR and TTS onto classroom laptops and then use the browser-based administrative tool to monitor and configure the system.

This course includes the following topics: an overview of the different architectural options of the VG Gateway, software components and their role in call processing, installation, configuration, customization of logging and debugging levels for troubleshooting, directory structure, using the System Management Console and Command Line Console for operating, administering and monitoring of the VG network.

The syllabus for the course is:

Note: This course uses Genesys VoiceGenie software version 7.0.10, it is equally effective for students using version 7.0.x.