PeriReporter Application Statistics Programming for the Nortel VPS/is, MPS500 and MPS1000 Platforms

This 1 day course is hands-on and intended for the programmer who will be adding customized application statistics in existing PeriProducer or VoiceXML applications on the MPS500, MPS1000 or VPS/is platforms.

Students also learn to create customized reports and maintain the statistical files. Attendees gain practical experience by creating and generating reports from PeriReporter and from the command prompt.

Only a basic knowledge of PeriProducer or VoiceXML programming is required as students will be modifying existing applications and putting them into production.

This course will include the following:

Duration: 1 day
Prerequisites: PeriProducer programming exposure

NOTE: The PeriReporter Statistics for the Administrator course is intended for the Administrator who will be maintaining, creating, and generating the Statistical Reports and requires no programming background.